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STS liaises with Jordan Islamic Bank to launch its Digital Self-services “Islami Digital”

In a move towards sustaining digital transformation momentum in the kingdom

STS, the leading provider of digital transformation, information systems, and integrated Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions in Jordan and the region; has announced its liaison with Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) on launching its digital self-services (Islami Digital) in the capital, Amman, paving the way for new generation banking solutions as of April 2021.

Aiming to improve its customer digital experience and converting it towards being fully automated with no human interaction; STS supplied JIB with a one Self Service Kiosk that allows its customers to finalize their banking transactions seamlessly, while spending less time at the branch.

JIB’s unique concept, at its office in Wasfi Al Tal street, pins the bank on the map for its digital presence, and supports its journey towards enhancing financial services across the kingdom. The concept has been created by STS in partnership with SEDCO, and it enables customers to perform a number of transactions and interactions usually conducted at a branch counter independently, such as opening accounts and sub accounts, depositing cheques and virtual back-end verification and assistance.

JIB’s CEO/General Manager, Dr. Hussain Saeed expressed his gratitude for the efforts STS has invested to inaugurate the digital self-services kiosk, putting the bank steps closer to adopting digital transformation in financial services, and said:” We are thrilled to provide the latest digital banking services to our customers in an easy and safe manner; this achievement reflects the bank’s strategy and long term vision to change the customer banking experience and transform our transactions to be fully digital, using best practices and according to the highest risk management standards.” 

STS’s Sales Director, Zaid Mazahreh, said: “Digitally savvy and customer centric comes at the forefront of our priorities; as one of the fastest growing ICT providers in Jordan, and in line with our strategy to optimize our digital transformation print in the country, we take pride in redefining smart banking by introducing cutting-edge sophisticated technologies. Our objective is to bring services closer to customers by offering them fast, efficient and reliable solutions”.

Commenting on the project, George Khoury, Business Solutions Manager at STS said: “SEDCO self-service kiosks are one of the most reliable solutions that we adopt to support the digital transformation journey for financial institutions, as it proved to be user-friendly from customers’ perspective, in addition to it being flexible and agile in which we can customize according to the business need of the client. And we are committed to provide full support and counsel to our clients according to their industries to achieve their digital transformation goals”.

STS is committed to provide impeccable solutions in the various fields of technology enablement and Digital Transformation establishment for organizations and has led the way in easing this fast-paced transformation while accumulating business knowledge and technical up-to- date experience since its inception in 1989 and until this very moment.

About STS:

For three decades, the Specialized Technical Services Company (STS) has worked to provide diverse IT solutions for its clients. Located in Jordan with branches in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Palestine, and Iraq, the company has played a key role in the Digital Transformation of the IT sector, thanks to long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, Dell EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and multiple others. With its wide range of infrastructure, software, and system services integration solutions, STS supports Intellectual Property (IP) in Compliance products and solutions and e-payment solutions, which enhances its position as one of the best integrated solution providers in the region, serving over 1,000 customers in financial, governmental, health, educational, telecommunications, and other commercial sectors.

Recently, with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, STS - operating from its pioneering position - continued to evolve by launching its own Digital Transformation journey through the launch of STS Cloud in 2015. STS began investing in cloud computing and played a leading role in addition to launching the STS Cyber Security Operations Centre (STS SOC) and the STS Network Operations Centre (STS NOC). This role prompted the company to expand its capabilities in cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and managed services, in addition to software offerings, such as the advanced, expandable, and unique SaaS service in the region.

About JIB:

For further information, please contact us at: 065802626 ext: 1177, 1178, 1179 Or contact us via email:

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