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CCI France Jordanie - The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jordan CAFRAJ

The Franco-Jordanian Business Club (CAFRAJ) was established in August 1998. Its creation has coincided with the excellent climate of bilateral economic situations that prevailed following important investments between France and Jordan.

CAFRAJ became a member of the UCCIFE (Union of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad) in June 2002. Thus becoming the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jordan.The main objectives of CAFRAJ are to develop the commercial, economic, cultural and social cooperation between France and Jordan by promoting the exchange of people, experience, equipment and capital and encouraging investment.

Our Chamber has two principal missions :

Promotion of the French - Jordanian business community.
Support of French and Jordanian companies with their trade requirements.


The mission of CAFRAJ

- To develop commercial, economic, cultural and social cooperation and understanding between French and Jordanian business persons, from all walks of life, and thus, to be the bridge through which development, trade, investment and cultural and social activities can cross between France and Jordan. 
- To strengthen the business relationships between French and Jordanian companies, particularly with regards to small and medium businesses.

- To promote direct cooperation and coordination between French and Jordanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and business associations.

- To boost relations with French Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the UCCIFE and the French Trade Commission via reciprocal visits, the exchange of information, cooperation agreements, etc.

- To encourage CAFRAJ members and Jordanian enterprises to participate/share in fairs and exhibitions in France, industrial and commercial missions, technical seminars, exchange visits, cultural, economic, social and commercial achievements, lectures, delegations, commercial exhibitions, conferences and workshops, etc…

- To increase and promote mutual Franco-Jordanian interests in all aspects of business, whether in France or Jordan, through cooperation among individuals, firms, companies and public sectors.

- To collect and distribute data/information from both the public and private sectors in France and Jordan, on by-laws and social, cultural, tourist and economic information and French and European aid programs, protocols and agreements. 

- To encourage the exchange of technology and data in various economic fields, including, wherever needed, technical assistance, the availability of scholarships for studying and research, etc. To promote investments, both in France and Jordan, by taking advantage of the investment incentives and equitable relationships. To promote tourism in both countries.

- To promote the mutual patronage of major cultural and economic exhibitions and events.

- To participate in official bilateral exchanges/discussions (e.g. visits from Heads of State, ministerial delegations and other official arrangements) in the two countries.

- To promote/sponsor social, economic and cultural activities, (business lunches with important guest speakers)

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