Members Privileges

As a member of the CCI France Jordanie, you benefit from a selection of member-exclusive offers and discounts from CCIFJ member companies through our Membership & Privileges card dedicated to our members.

It is your opportunity to gain extensive visibility for your products or services and build your brand awareness for free.

All CCIFJ member companies are eligible.

How do I include my company's offer?

To take part, you’ll need to provide us with: 


  • Offer description (50 words max)
  • Offer validity (e.g. from 01.01.2019 to 15.03.2019)
  • Image to help us promote your offer (high-quality landscape image in .jpg or .png)
  • Your company logo (.jpg or .png format)
  • Discount code for CCIFJ - CAFRAJ members to use your special offer/ description of how to use the offer (at checkout etc.)
  • link to the offer on your website

Get Involved in our Members Privilege Programme

Put your company forward.

Make a special offer to our 410 fellow members.

Promote your company on our website for free.

Help create more synergies within the Franco-Jordanian Business Community!

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