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The Ministry of Water Signs an Agreement to Launch a Digital Platform for Training with Support from the French Government

The Secretary-General of the Water Authority, Eng. Wael Al-Duwairi, in the presence of the Ambassador of the French Republic to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mr. Alexis Lecoeur Gzanmaison, the Economic Advisor at the French Embassy, ​​Pauline de Langlade, the Assistant for Administrative Affairs Imad Al-Qatawneh, and the Assistant for Media Omar Salama, signed a training agreement with the Director of the French Water Academy (WATURA), Sebastien Regal. Water Authority employees through the Water Authority’s Water Training Center on operations, maintenance, management of water and sanitation plants, capacity building, and public safety work, so that the training center becomes a regional center in the Middle East.


The Secretary-General stated that the program includes training and qualifying the cadres of the Water Authority, departments and companies in the Water Training Center through capacity building with the aim of enhancing their level of experience, raising their efficiency, and becoming acquainted with modern international experiences in a way that ensures the development of operation and maintenance skills in various water facilities.  
The Secretary-General explained that the training is based on contributing to assistance and improving the performance of water sector employees through diversifying sources of knowledge and experience in a manner consistent with the strategic visions of the water sector in dealing with all challenges, most notably the efficient management of water sources and reducing losses, as well as developing institutional performance through developing water sources.


He pointed out that the training program, which lasts for two years via an electronic platform through (WATURA), aims to train technical personnel, especially those working in operating water and sewage networks, to learn about the latest scientific and global developments in order to ensure the creation of energies capable of building a conscious future through practical and scientific qualification and equipping them with The ability to deal with the water challenges facing the water sector, In addition to spreading the spirit of competition among employees, which leads to self-development and its reflection on the job environment.
He stressed the Water Authority’s keenness on the importance of such training programs in enhancing the benefit from international expertise, especially French. It includes 20 training booklets in the Arabic language, developing an Arab platform for training according to the latest international specifications, granting an international technical certificate for training, focusing on aspects of public safety, focusing on aspects of desalination, and benefiting from water treatment. Water, energy efficiency, reducing gas and carbon emissions, and preserving the environment through 150 halal training programs, each program lasting 18 months.


He stressed that cooperation between Jordan and France in the water sector is a model of successful cooperation, especially in facing various challenges, especially since the volume of French investment in the water sector exceeds 300 million dollars. 
For his part, the Ambassador of the French Republic stated that the French government is interested in supporting everything that enables Jordan to face its water challenges, including capacity building, which constitutes an important priority. Therefore, this training program funded by the French side came to develop the capabilities and knowledge of employees in the water sector and exchange experiences.

Pointing out that this advanced digital platform for training will open horizons for training technical and specialized personnel in the Middle East, he expressed his happiness for the partnership with the water sector as a strategic sector, especially since the French agency provides 50% of its support to the water sector, expressing the French side’s interest in the success of Jordan’s efforts in implementing the national carrier project.

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