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Structuring and consolidation of Asset Management at SUEZ in Jordan

The SUEZ Project presented at the Trophies Or'Normes 2018 consists in setting up the asset management international standard ISO 55,001 on two major contracts in Jordan. The first contract, Disi-Amman, entails supplying the capital with water from a fossil aquifer located about 350 kilometers in the south of Jordan.  The second contract, Samra, entails treating the wastewater produced by the inhabitants of the capital Amman and the nearby areas to completely reuse treated water in irrigation.  Additionally, industrial facilities in Jordan are generally subject to very difficult operating conditions related to the desert climate of the country causing accelerated aging of electromechanical equipment and civil engineering works.

Therefore, and given the fact that the country has limited resources, effective asset management becomes vital to ensure business continuity by making it more reliable and by increasing the lifetime of the assets. 

The ISO 55,001 certification is an authentication of the operational excellence for the Operator and guarantees an international recognition to its Clients and their Administrators.  However, this certification requires absolute professionalism and accuracy in asset management through the implementation of proactive decision-making processes to reduce the risk of premature deterioration of equipment.

SUEZ has deployed its contracts to become more efficient and professional to guarantee the best services and better protect the assets of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.  The reflection conducted in parallel with the ISO 55,001 Standards of the ISO 24,516 series dedicated to water infrastructures, which helped demonstrate the approach of SUEZ contracts in Jordan.  Furthermore, this can be used as experimental laboratories of methods and tools to enrich the new standards.

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