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Orange Jordan's network achieves strong and full coverage across the Kingdom

Orange Jordan

CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny said that the company has invested millions of JOD to develop its various networks and acquire new frequencies, enabling it to provide high-quality telecommunications and internet services, thereby enhancing its position as a leading telecommunications company that provides these services in the local market.

In a press release, CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny added that these investments came as part of the company’s strategy to ensure the quality of its networks and diversify its services to beneficiaries, taking into consideration the increased demand for internet services, particularly access to higher speeds and larger files on the web, through either mobile or fixed broadband.

Marigny also presented the company’s most significant achievements in terms of developing its networks that are spread across the Kingdom with the same efficiency, saying that Orange Jordan has developed both, its 4G and 4G+ networks, noting that it is the only company that provides 4G+ services, pointing out that it has acquired frequencies that enable it to offer 4G+ services, in response to meeting its subscribers’ needs through providing high-speed internet through mobile.

He added that the amount of investment in the company’s 4G+ network during 2018 and 2019 has reached 8.7 million JOD, covering 915 locations in the Kingdom.

Regarding the company’s fiber service network, Marigny clarified that its development is an ongoing process, aiming to cover the largest possible geographical area and ensure unprecedented internet speeds in the local market, pointing out that the network developments have resulted in 400,000 connected homes in the first half of this year alone, where the company achieved a leading share in the local market, noting that the fiber network speed has reached up to 1,000 Mbps, making it the fastest internet in the Kingdom.

When it comes to the company’s ongoing interest in investing in fiber optics, Marigny affirmed that Orange Jordan, as a local company with an international spirit, has contributed significantly to socioeconomic development in the Kingdom. These contributions are presented by offering a high quality ICT infrastructure, where its availability is considered to be fundamental for investment in any of the areas, pointing out that this contributes to increasing the competition level between companies, in a step that aims to make Jordan a leading ICT hub in the region.

Marigny also said that the company’s network development plans included ADSL, which provides higher speeds than in the past, as the company remains committed to providing subscribers with all the ways to access to the internet, as well as allowing subscribers to freely chose access in the most convenient way to them.

Orange Jordan undergoes a periodical plan through which it develops its networks and services, and renews its offers and lines, as it follows the concept of ‘listening and responding’. The company continuously conducts studies to identify the needs of its current and potential subscribers, designing everything in a way that ensures an unmatched telecommunications experience for every one of them, in all areas. For example, the company recently launched a bundle with special features in parallel with the network development plans, such as; YO that targets youth, Humat Al Watan, and fiber lines and ADSL.

In parallel with its network enhancements, Orange Jordan launched its new advertising campaign, under the name of "Every inch of our country is covered", which refers to the development and expansion its network witnessed across the Kingdom, where it came a long way in expanding its coverage in all populated areas, including all its services, such as ADSL and fiber. The company has taken significant steps in its 3G network coverage, which today, has reached 96.3% of the Kingdom. It has also worked on expanding the coverage of its 4G network, which covers 95% of the Kingdom and came as a result of its efforts to further strengthen its existing infrastructure. The company will continue to expand the latest version of its 4G+ network, covering 54% of all the Kingdom's governorates in order to ensure its leading position in the Jordanian ICT sector, through a series of continuous enhancements on its networks and offers.

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