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Orange Jordan Launches it in Collaboration with INTAJ “Hello Women” Website A Gateway that Welcomes Women to ICT Sector

Orange Jordan, joined forces with the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (Int@j), under the umbrella of the Women Economic Empowerment Unit SHETECHS, to officially launch the website of “Hello Women” program with the sole purpose of welcoming with open arms female talents to the ICT sector.


The program, that was launched by Orange Group, serves as an effective means to bring about real change in the sector enabling everyone to take part in the global digital revolution, especially with the role of technology in eliminating boundaries and strengthening communication. The objective is to change perceptions in order to boost women’s role in the digital sector especially in the managerial roles that require decision making.


Capitalizing on these efforts, the website will serve as a gateway for women through a full-fledged set of features and information that support women’s journey towards joining the ICT sector.


The Chief Legal, Regulatory, Sourcing, Supply Chain and Human Resources Officer at Orange Jordan, Dr. Ibrahim Harb, emphasized that this website culminates the joint efforts of Orange Jordan and INTAJ to enable more women to be part of the ICT sector. It will list the available vacancies in Orange Jordan that in turn strives to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of gender, background or identity, with the aim of creating a diverse and vibrant workforce that represents the rich talents and ideas in our community.


From her side, a Member of the Board of Directors of “Int@j” and Responsible for the Women’s Empowerment File, Maha Al Saeed valued the women-related initiatives and programs implemented by Orange Jordan, enabling partners at the national level to materialize the digital inclusion vision and boost the women’s role in the national digital transformation process. In this context, the kick-off of “Hello Women” website came as a manifest to Orange Jordan and INTAJ’s strategic partnership to revolutionize perceptions related to women’s participation in the ICT sector.


It is worth mentioning that interested women can get to know the available ICT vacancies through the following link:


To learn more, please visit our website:

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