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Orange Jordan announces its strategic partnership with Kawar Energy to develop solar farms project

Orange Jordan

Orange Jordan recently announced its strategic partnership with Kawar Energy Company for supplying, installing, operating, and maintaining its renewable energy plants via the Sun Strings for Photovoltaic System. Under the agreement, Future Sun For Renewable Energy Systems Company, owned by Kawar Energy company, will develop three solar farm plants for Orange Jordan with a total value of $53 million financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in cooperation with the Clean Technology Fund, Jordan Kuwait Bank and Arab Jordan Investment Bank/ Qatar.

The announcement was made in the presence of Orange Jordan’s CEO, Thierry Marigny, President of Kawar Group and chairman of the Future Sun For Renewable Energy Systems Company and Kawar energy, Karim Kawar, CEO of Kawar Energy Company, Hanna Zaghloul, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial and Strategy Officer at Orange Jordan, Raslan Deiranieh, in addition to a number of executives from both sides along with media representatives. 

Marigny said that this project falls in line within the context of Orange group vision towards using clean energy and preserving the environment, pointing out that as a local company with an international spirit, Orange Jordan is always keen on executing such strategic projects with positive impacts the society and environment, where with its partners, the company was able to accomplish a big part of the project and shift towards this source of energy. 

Marigny expressed his gratitude for this partnership affirming that the company is pleased to witness that this project is now being executed after imagining it many years ago. In 2016, we announced the project and secured the lands, finalized connection agreements, and then generated licenses between 2016 and 2018. Selecting Kawar to be to be our partner in 2018 came after the stage of requesting offers, and today we officially announce our strong partnership with Kawar after successfully complying with the terms of our agreement, as it is based on Kawar being responsible for engendering, design, design, procurement, construction, installation, financing and operation of our solar plants project. 

He also added that the company’s solar energy project is considered to be the largest in the Jordanian private sector, with a power that reaches up to approximately 37 MW-peak, through its fields in AL-Khalidiya area in Al-Mafraq governorate, Na'ur and Al Mafraq Development area in King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area, which enables the company to cover a huge part of its need for electricity. Under the agreement, Future Sun For Renewable Energy Systems Company will be committed to operate and maintain the Solar Photovoltaic station for 20 years.

He also affirmed on the importance of this project especially that it falls in line with the national strategy for the energy sector that stimulates depending on low-cost sustainable energy, due to the effect it has on reducing the damage caused by the use of traditional energy sources and contributing to the creation of a clean environment that serves all segments of society.

Regarding the project execution phases, Deiranieh clarified that Orange Jordan has come a long way to become the only telecommunications operator that shifted towards the operational phase of the solar farms project in 2019, after the completion of linking and operating the fields of solar energy on the transmission and distribution networks, in cooperation with the National Electric Power company, Jordan electric Power Company, Electricity Distribution Company, and Irbid Electricity, this project is the first project to be connected to the grid of the National Electricity Company to generate electricity using solar cell systems through the wheeling system. This has been achieved due to equipping the fields with the latest technologies and dedicated to connecting the stations to the electrical network.

Deiranieh pointed out that more than 75% of used energy by the company comes from its solar fields, this reflects the potential of the project in meeting the financial and environmental pressures resulting from the increasing demand for energy consumption, especially that the company's electricity consumption is expected to rise at least three times if it introduces 5G technologies. 

From his side, Karim Kawar praised the strong vision and determination of Orange Jordan’s management, which led the company to invest in solar power plants, and valued the trust given by Orange to Kawar Energy to implement this project with Jordanian minds and efforts from the beginning till the end in less than seven months and in three different locations. He also added that the challenge facing Jordan is producing energy at affordable prices, and the only solution in facing Economic stagnation is employing advanced technology to achieve savings that increase the profitability and competitiveness of companies, which creates more jobs and attracts investments to Jordan. Kawar also thanked all those who contributed to the success of this project from public institutions, electricity companies, financers, and direct and indirect employees, reiterating his pride in what has been achieved in the project to serve Orange Jordan and to provide Kawar Energy's record with a new achievement. 

The project is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 52,000 tons per year, making it one of the largest projects in Photovoltaic technology investments, in the Middle East’s private sector. 

CEO of Kawar Energy Company, one of the largest and oldest companies in the Middle East in the field of solar electricity generation, and has a large number of energy projects successfully completed for the benefit of the largest Jordanian and regional companies, led by “Shams Maan” project, which placed Jordan on the map of Global Renewable Energy said: “We are proud to implement the first project to be connected to the National Electric Power Company's grid, using the wheeling systems in the Kingdom. We are very proud and highly responsible to take over the construction of this solar plant, which will certainly make Orange a world leader in utilizing renewable energy in the telecommunications sector. Affirming that achieving this project within the timeframe and without any eldays was a challenge accepted by the company with high confidence, because of its belief in the capabilities of its engineers and the determination of its technicians, who in turn reflect the determination of Jordanians and the great potential they have.”

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