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A message from our Chairman | COVID-19

Jordan, like the rest of the world, is facing an extraordinary crisis with potentially grave health, economic and social consequences.

Under His Majesty’s guidance Jordan was among the first countries after China, to implement total lockdown and we are now in the 3rd week with excellent results in maintaining low numbers of Corona cases.

The very powerful and effective media and awareness campaign has raised the number of Jordanians and residents, who consider Covid-19 to be a very serious disease, from 30% to more than 95%.

The compliance with social distancing and respect of the curfew and the “Stay@Home” campaign are also very impressive at the moment.

Needless to say the effects of this virus are not only on our health but also on the economy and our businesses.

The Jordanian Government and The Central Bank have launched several initiatives to help companies and specially SMEs to overcome some of the issues. The Income & Sales Tax Department, Social Security Corporation have also issued new regulations to help facilitate the burdens on the companies.

You may want to consider how your companies can benefit from all the new rules and regulations to help you overcome the coming period.

Together Jordan shall overcome this pandemic and its effects and we in CAFRAJ will always be on your side.

You, your employees and families are always in our thoughts. Stay Safe.


Akel Biltaji


CCI France Jordanie - CAFRAJ

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