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“Structuring and consolidation of Asset Management at SUEZ in Jordan”

The SUEZ Project presented at the Trophies Or'Normes 2018 consists in setting up the asset management international standard ISO 55,001 on two major contracts in Jordan. The first contract, Disi-Amman, entails supplying the capital with water from a fossil aquifer located about 350 kilometers in the south of Jordan.  The second contract, Samra, entails treating the wastewater produced by the inhabitants of the capital Amman and the nearby areas to completely reuse treated water in irrigation.  Additionally, industrial facilities in Jordan are generally subject to very difficult operating conditions related to the desert climate of the country causing accelerated aging of electromechanical equipment and civil engineering works.


Therefore, and given the fact that the country has limited resources, effective asset management becomes vital to ensure business continuity by making it more reliable and by increasing the lifetime of the assets. 

The ISO 55,001 certification is an authentication of the operational excellence for the Operator and guarantees an international recognition to its Clients and their Administrators.  However, this certification requires absolute professionalism and accuracy in asset management through the implementation of proactive decision-making processes to reduce the risk of premature deterioration of equipment.

SUEZ has deployed its contracts to become more efficient and professional to guarantee the best services and better protect the assets of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.  The reflection conducted in parallel with the ISO 55,001 Standards of the ISO 24,516 series dedicated to water infrastructures, which helped demonstrate the approach of SUEZ contracts in Jordan.  Furthermore, this can be used as experimental laboratories of methods and tools to enrich the new standards.

Vice President of Orange Foundation stresses on the importance of supporting social development projects

Senior Executive Vice-President of CSR, Diversity, Partnerships and Philanthropy/Deputy Chair of the Orange Foundation, Christine Albanel affirmed the importance of Orange Jordan’s support of social responsibility projects in the Kingdom, pointing out the company’s active role in adopting many initiatives across all governorates and sectors.

At the end of her visit to Jordan, Albanel talked about the different initiatives and programs implemented by the active parties and institutions in the Kingdom, affirming that Orange Foundation will continue supporting Jordan with an aim to positively contribute to helping the underprivileged segments in society, especially programs that focus on women empowerment and the youth segment.

Albanel praised Orange Jordan's efforts which helped implement many local initiatives and is in line with the key objectives of the company’s five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020” which aims to support the local community, thanking all the partners in the Kingdom who collaborated with the foundation and company, and gave them the opportunity to play an active role in the Jordanian community, within Orange Group's corporate social responsibility plan.

During her visit, Albanel and in the presence of the Executive Director at the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), Farah Daghistani, inaugurated the Women’s Digital Center, which is affiliated with and supported by Orange Foundation at The Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID), and is one of the five centers of JOHUD offering courses in digital training and entrepreneurship for underprivileged women in the Kingdom.

She also met with officials at the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) and discussed the strategies undertaken at the Orange Foundation, CPF, and possible future cooperation between both entities.

Albanel visited the “Makani” center supported by Orange Foundation in 2015, through offering digital educational kits to students attending the center, including tablets that contain the official school curriculum for students who are unable to receive any form of formal education.

Throughout her tour, she also visited the BIG platform; Orange Jordan’s growth-mode accelerator program, where she spoke with female entrepreneurs who joined BIG’s previous seasons such as “360 Moms”, “Sittat Byout”, “Masmou3”, Co-De, and Waragami, and listened to their future strategies, and ways of support and partnership.

Orange Jordan, the Orange Foundation and “JOHUD” inaugurate Women’s Digital Center

Orange Jordan inaugurated Women’s Digital Center at Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID) becoming part of other centers launched in the Kingdom's governorates under the Orange Digital Centers umbrella, as part of the partnership with Orange Foundation and the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), to execute the Women’s Digital Center program for the first time in the Kingdom. The event was attended by Farah Al-Dagestani, Executive Director of the Fund, and CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny, and Senior Executive Vice-President of CSR, Diversity, Partnerships and Philanthropy, Deputy Chair of the Orange Foundation, Christine Albanel.


The opening ceremony was attended by Chief Enterprise Officer at Orange Jordan, Eng. Mr. Sami Smeirat, and Chief Human Resource Officer at Orange Jordan, Ghada Fares, and Deputy Executive Director at JOHUD, Mohammad Al-Amoush, and media representatives.


Executive Director of JOHUD, Farah Al-Dagestani, emphasized the importance of the technology and telecommunications sector, and investing in it to create new jobs for women, and contribute to enhancing women’s economic participation and engagement in the local labor market to achieve economic development and the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.


Al-Dagestani said that the partnership between JOHUD, Orange Jordan, and Orange Foundation, and comes as part of its efforts in which the fund undertakes to empower Jordanian women in different areas economically and socially. She considered that this partnership through which the Women's Digital program is being implemented, would contribute to the empowerment of women in the digital revolution and e-marketing, which will contribute to finding job opportunities and new income resources for them


and their families.

From her side, Albanel praised the fund’s efforts with Orange, to implement this essential program, noting the organization’s keenness on spreading digital technology and guiding charitable initiatives in this field. She also stressed on the organization's keenness to empower women through these centers, which makes digital education a starting point for independence, financial security, and career opportunities, as well as enhancing women's financial independence. 

From his side, Marigny said that the Women's Digital Centers program aims to help women of all age


groups and segments of society throughout the Kingdom by providing them with the required training and skills needed to promote a better career, adding that the Women’s Digital Center comes as part of the Orange Digital Umbrella and is in line with Orange Jordan’s corporate social responsibility plan, which aims to add value to people's lives and aspirations, and reduce the digital gap by providing educational tools to those who rely on digital education.


He stressed Orange Jordan's keenness on increasing its efforts to empower women and improve their life through sponsoring various conferences, events, and initiatives which aim to support the concepts of leadership, change, and sustainability.


The program was implemented in five centers affliated to JOHUD, and spread across various regions of the Kingdom including Khaldieh, Al-Taibeh, Madaba, Al Hashmi Al Shamali, and Marka in Amman, to support, empower women, and provide them with professional skills and digital competencies, and train them on how to create and build small businesses digitally through various social network platforms and encourage them to invest in the field of Information and Communication Technology.


The program also guides women on how to prepare monthly and annual budgets and reports, thus contributes to improving their living and economic conditions.


Orange Foundation has successfully launched this program in 18 countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East as part of its goal to ensure digital access for everyone.


Orange Foundation is considered to be an active digital solidarity organization currently in 30 countries and is committed to three areas of charitable practices for companies which include education, health, and culture. 



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