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Strategic partnership between Orange Jordan and Al Nabil Company for Food Products


Orange Jordan recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Al Nabil Company for Food Products, to provide them with innovative telecommunications services for enhanced communications within the company and outside of it. Orange Jordan will also host the company’s servers in its Marj Al Hamam Data Center, in addition to providing other services such as monitoring and unified risk management service.

On behalf of Orange Jordan, the agreement was signed by its Chief Enterprise Officer, Mr. Sami Smeirat, while Al Nabil Company for Food Products was represented by its CEO Ahmad Al Sallakh, in the attendance of Mr. Jean Marc Vignolles Chief Operating Officer & Deputy CEO of Orange Middle East & Africa.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Smeirat said: "We are proud of our partnership with Al Nabil Company for Food Products and adding them to our enterprise customer base. As the most reliable provider of telecom services, we at Orange Jordan are certain that we will meet and exceed their expectations, enabling their company to further grow and enhance communication both internally and externally.”

From his side, Al Sallakh expressed his happiness and optimism in this partnership with Orange Jordan, the strongest and fastest telecommunications provider. Orange Jordan was able to provide the industrial sector with smart solutions to enhance companies’ efficiency by reducing the processing and operational costs of servers and telecommunications, in addition to helping preserve the environment (Go Green) through the optimal use of energy in Orange Jordan’s data center. Additionally, it secures a control unit to ensure the confidentiality and security of data and information around the clock, which helped achieve the company's strategic objectives in the digital economy.

This partnership is the embodiment of Orange Jordan's commitment to supporting various sectors, especially businesses, to improve their infrastructure through providing cutting-edge telecommunications services and solutions which are designed according to the latest technological developments.

Orange Jordan’s Data Center in Marj Hamam was awarded the Tier III certification for data center design worldwide last year, making it the first and only center across the Kingdom and from the Orange Group to receive this global certification for data centers. This certification has resulted in placing Jordan on the global map of Tier III countries, helping rank the Kingdom number 5 among the Arab countries and number 83 globally.

Becoming the first telecom operator in Jordan to launch this service

Orange Jordan launches the advanced (4G+ , 4.5 G) service 

Under the patronage of His Excellency, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Dr. Ghazi Al Jbour, Orange Jordan officially announced the launch of the advanced 4G+ services (4G+,4.5G,LTE+,LTE- A Pro).

Dr. Al Jbour said during the press conference held by the company today and attended by Chairman of Jordan Telecommunications Company/ Orange Jordan, members of the board of commissioners of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, and Executive Committee Members at Orange Jordan, that the partnership between the public and the private sectors can elevate performance of the telecom services and enhance the growth of the economies of countries. He added that: “We in Jordan consider the partnership between the public and the private sectors as a main pillar to the success of all sectors, affirming that His Majesty King Abdullah II had always called for such partnership that can withstand all circumstances.”

He further added that the decision of the TRC Board of Commissioners to approve company request to obtain frequency bundle (10+10) in the 2600 Mhz domain will contribute to enhancing and elevating competition in providing advanced telecom services in the Kingdom. This bundle will help providing 4G services that is better than other frequency bundles, especially in heavily populated areas.”

From his side, Orange Jordan’s CEO, Jerome Hénique stressed that the company’s acquisition of the frequency bundle in the 2600 MHz domain stemmed from its five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020” which aims to continuously invest in the development of its networks. The company has already allocated close to JD 100 million so far, of which JD 39 million, paid to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, was utilized to acquire new frequencies from, and the rest of the amount was used to upgrade the network and IT, and to install new towers. More investment will be allocated in 2018 as well to ensure maximum coverage for this latest version of the fourth generation network (4G+,4.5G,LTE+,LTE- A Pro) further solidifying the company’s position as the strongest internet provider for mobile and home in the Kingdom

Henique pointed out that Orange Jordan had continuously seeked to provide the highest quality of telecommunication and internet services compliant with international standards, which has led the company to make more investments to renew its 2G, 3G, 4G and Next Generation Networks (LTE-4G, LTE advanced-4G+, Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Business)) in order to provide these robust services to all segments of subscribers including mass, youth and army through a long-term pricing, compatible bundles and quality strategy that will cater to the needs of the local market for them to enjoy the fastest internet for mobile and home in the kingdom while browsing the internet, downloading their preferred videos, watching TV, or listening to their preferred music files in the areas that is covered and when using supporting devices.

He further added that with the commercial launch of its 4G+ network services, the company enforces its position as number one choice for strongest internet for home and mobile in the kingdom and confirmed that the company is committed in its resolve to revolutionize the telecommunication landscape in the Kingdom and making Jordan one of the countries with the most advanced mobile telecommunication services in the world.  

Orange Jordan’s Chief Information Technology & Networks & Wholesale Officer, Waleed Al Doulat said that the 4G+ technology will cover most of the Kingdom and enable users to experience unprecedented speeds that reach up to 250 Mbps (using MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, High-order Modulation technologies), emphasizing that the coverage will include more areas across the Kingdom’s governorates. He pointed out that the widespread commercial launch of this technology will enrich the services provided by the company through a wide range of bundles tailor-made to different customers’ needs, allowing them to enjoy high-speed wireless internet services to the fullest.  

The coverage of Orange Jordan’s 3G and 4G network reached 96% and 92% respectively in the Kingdom and the spread of 4G+ covering all of the Kingdom’s governorates is not far away. 


Carlos Malliaroudakis, General Manager of InterContinental Jordan, is happy to welcome Philma Gomes as the hotel’s Director of Sales & Marketing, where she will be in charge of all sales and marketing activities related to this Iconic hotel.

Philma Gomes, a South African national, enjoys more than 20 years of experience in the travel & tourism industry. Her achievements in the field of sales and marketing have left a distinct and positive mark in the luxury hotel brands she worked with, including Fairmont, The Ritz, and Westin, among others.

From revenue generation, account development, market penetration, and effective marketing strategies, Gomes’ career in a beautiful slice of heaven such as Cape Town is evidently a rich and successful one.

Philma Gomes is enthusiastic about her new role in one of the Arab World’s most stunning cities, and is looking forward to working hand in hand with the InterContinental Jordan team to bring about more success and further achievements. 

BIG By Orange Summit takes place at the King Hussein Business Park

Under the Patronage of Her Excellency Mrs. Majd Shweikeh, Minister of Information and Communication Technology and Minister of Public Sector Development, the “BIG by Orange” summit took place on the 10th of January at the King Hussein Business Park. The summit, organized and hosted by Orange Jordan brought together close to 200 high-level entrepreneurs from the Kingdom, global representatives from the Orange FAB network and investors from different related sectors.

During the opening speech, CEO of Orange Jordan, Jérôme Hénique said that Jordan was selected for the summit for the first time due to its position as a leading country in the field of entrepreneurship, indicating that holding this summit stems from the company’s belief in the value of entrepreneurship and its key role in supporting the economy through job creation and its contribution to socio-economic development.

He added that Orange Jordan's organization of this important event comes as part of its commitment to supporting local and international entrepreneurs and giving innovative startups the opportunity  to connect with local and global investors. Entrepreneurs were also given the opportunity  to provide detailed presentations of their projects and discuss them interactively with investors, helping bridge  the divide between the needs and expectations of startups and corporations, thus boosting the entrepreneurial sector in Jordan.

Hénique also talked about Orange Jordan’s Business Innovation Growth (BIG) program saying: “We are very proud of the caliber of our startups who join BIG, as they all grow  to become success stories and were all able to benefit from the program, leading them to leverage their businesses and offer the market new services.”

During the summit, various stakeholders presented the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan giving detailed explanations, in terms of mapping, statistics, main players and challenges, proposing cooperation strategies for both startups and entrepreneurs.  Local and international startups also shared their success stories and explored possible investment opportunities through Orange Group’s investment arm “Orange Digital Venture” (OVD) and others.

Participants felt that the summit organized by Orange Jordan was a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to network, allowing them to meet a number of potential investors, helping in facilitating investment decisions made by companies to adopt the innovative projects, all in all  positively reflecting on the local ICT sector and the overall economy.

During the summit’s workshops, success stories were shared, challenges and obstacles faced by startups on a local and international level were discussed in addition to exchanging ideas and solutions. The participants stressed on the importance of investment entities that would adopt the pioneering ideas of startups in order to pave the way for them to launch their business.

Orange Jordan, driven by its five-year corporate strategy Essentials 2020 and inspired by its refreshed Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility plan, recognizes its crucial role as a conscious corporate citizen in the community and the inseparability of itself from the Jordanian people. As such, the telecommunications company remains committed to upholding social progress in a variety of ways, focusing especially on the support of the youth and entrepreneurship. Launched at the end of 2015, BIG by Orange Jordan has already assisted many young entrepreneurs to grow their ideas into actions, providing business advice and meticulous technical support to a number of grassroots startups with promising futures.

Orange Jordan, the Orange Foundation and JOHUD sign agreement to launch Women’s Digital Centers Program

Orange Jordan and the Orange Foundation recently announced signing a new agreement with the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) under which the company will launch the Women’s Digital Centers Program for the first time in the Kingdom, a program established by the Orange Foundation and is running successfully in 18 countries across Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The agreement was signed by Jérôme Hénique, the CEO of Orange Jordan, Brigitte Audy, the Executive Director of Orange Foundation and Farah Daghistani, the Executive Director of JOHUD.

Hénique said, “In accordance with the agreement, the Women’s Digital Centers Program will be implemented in five community centers of JOHUD spread across the kingdom that include Al Khalidyeh, Taibeh, Madaba, and Al Hashmi Shamali and Marka centers located in Amman”. He added that, “The program aims to support and empower women by enabling participants to improve their career prospects, through trainings that equip them with digital skills and competencies and teaching them how to build and promote small businesses electronically across different social media platforms. In addition, providing advice on how to prepare monthly and annual budgets and reports, which will contribute to enhancing their lives.”

Hénique emphasized the importance of the long-term partnership between Orange Jordan and JOHUD, pointing out that this new agreement in cooperation with the Orange Foundation, falls in line with Orange Jordan’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, which aims to add value to people’s lives and aspirations, part of which includes reducing the digital gap by providing modern education tools for those dependent on digital education. He also stressed that Orange Jordan seeks to intensify efforts to empower women and enhance their lives through sponsoring various conferences, events and initiatives pertaining to them and aims to support the concepts of leadership, change and sustainability in their respective fields.

JOHUD’s Executive Director, Farah Daghistani expressed her pride in the continuous partnership with Orange Jordan, which targets more than one domain within JOHUD’s activities. Daghistani indicated that the Women’s Digital Centers Program, is in line with JOHUD’s main goal since its inception, which was to increase the participation of women in the development process, as women in cities and villages were found to be the main drivers in creating positive change in society.

The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) has been working for 40 years to lead national development efforts, alleviate poverty and empower communities across the Kingdom, through the fifty one Princess Basma Centers for Community Development spread across different regions in the Kingdom, where they focus on the well-being and rights of vulnerable segments such as women, youth and people with disabilities.

The Orange Foundation is committed to three areas of corporate philanthropy: education, health and culture. In relation with Orange's core business, it uses digital technology to help populations in these three areas, especially young people who are struggling in school or are dropouts, women in difficulty and people with autism to help empower them so they can live better lives.

The Orange Foundation takes action to ensure that digital technology, which has become essential, is an opportunity for all. A digital solidarity foundation, it is currently active in 30 countries, with 8,000 committed employee volunteers.



Orange Jordan is the official telecommunications sponsor of the “Women on the Front Lines” conference in Jordan

CEO of Orange Jordan, Jérôme Hénique affirmed that the company has the ability and responsibility to bring about change regarding women and  their ability to lead inside and outside the company.  During his speech at the “Women on the Front Lines” conference, which was held last week under the patronage of His Excellency Prime Minister of Jordan, in the attendance of Her Excellency Hala Lattouf, Minister of Social Development and Her Excellency Lina Annab, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Hénique added "We are always working on integrating women in all aspects of our business, whether by elevating their leadership or empowering them in local communities, through our various initiatives as we believe that such changes will positively impact the national economy."

Hénique pointed out that women make up almost a third of the workforce at Orange Jordan, where the majority of them holds executive and managerial positions, reflecting  the company’s commitment to empower women, saying: “The percentage of women should be higher and I personally feel committed to promoting women in managerial positions, in every possible way.”


For the second consecutive year, Orange Jordan was named the official telecommunications sponsor of the conference and participated in its activities. This year's conference was attended by a number of well-known entrepreneurial women figures spanning the fields of politics, economy, media and art. The conference was organized by May Chidiac Foundation (MCF) – a non-profit organization mainly dedicated to training, research, and education on issues of media, democracy, and social welfare.


Orange Jordan’s sponsorship of the WOFL conference falls in line with its corporate social responsibility plan, stemming from its five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020”, which aims at connecting people to all that is essential to them and enhancing their lives through the initiatives the company undertakes, in addition to sponsorships and support offered in partnership with civil society organizations that aim to add value and measurable quality in people’s lives, a vital component of the company’s ambitious vision to spark the overall socioeconomic growth.




Orange Jordan offers its services to the Greater Irbid Municipality and Yarmouk Water Company


Orange Jordan recently signed two strategic agreements in Irbid governorate with the Greater Irbid Municipality and Yarmouk Water Company. Under these agreements, the company will provide them with a range of global IP-based networking solutions (IPVPN), in order to develop and facilitate the mechanism of communications within departments and with other branches.

On behalf of Orange Jordan, the two agreements were signed by its CEO Jérôme Hénique, with the attendance of the Chief Enterprise Officer, Sami Smeirat, while the Greater Irbid Municipality and the Yarmouk Water Company were represented by Mayor Hussein Bani Hani and General Manager Hassan Hazaymeh respectively. The signing came during Hénique’s and Orange Executives’ field visit to Irbid governorate to follow-up on the services provided by the company to the Municipality and the Water Company, where they visited several offices.

The agreement signed with the Greater Irbid Municipality included, upgrading of Internet lines for increased efficiency and speed in the areas covered by the agreement and linking the areas of the municipality with its external departments, which will improve the exchange of information and provision of services. While the agreement, signed with Yarmouk Water Company included, linking the main branch of the company with its other branches in order to continuously facilitate their communication mechanism.

Orange Jordan expressed its pleasure at signing these strategic agreements, underlining that it is dedicating all its efforts to developing its services provided to government departments, municipalities and private institutions. As the strongest provider of fast internet in Jordan, Orange Jordan constantly seeks to launch the latest technological innovations and the most advanced and best telecommunications and business solutions to create digital transformation of all government and private institutions in the Kingdom, which is in line with the pillars of its five-year corporate strategy "Essentials 2020" that aims to connect people with all that is essential to them.



Orange Data Center, the only global Tier III certified center in Jordan

CEO of Orange Jordan Jérôme Hénique announced that Orange Jordan Data Center located in Marj Al Hamam has received the Tier III certification, for data center design worldwide. The Data Center was accredited by Uptime Institute in America, specialized in studying and evaluating global data centers, becoming the only data center in the Kingdom to obtain this global certificate.


The certification was announced during a press conference held under the patronage of Her Excellency Majed Shweikeh, the Minister of Information and Communications Technology and Public Sector Development and in the attendance of Secretary General, Nader Thneibat at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Chief Enterprise Officer of the Business Unit Sami Smeirat, Chief ITN & Wholesale Officer Waleed Al Doulat, Data Center Manager and Tier III Project Manager, Bahjat Al-Adwan and media representatives.


During the press conference, Hénique affirmed that Orange Jordan is proud of its advanced Data Center for receiving the prestigious Tier III certification, adding that Marj Al Hamam Data Center was established in 2013 to meet the needs of the company’s corporate and business customers and to offer them the latest state-of-the-art technologies. This falls in line with the company’s five-year corporate strategy "Essentials 2020", through which it commits to supporting the digital development of business customers by providing the essential infrastructure.”


Hénique added that last year, the company launched an international Point of Presence (IP PoP) at Orange  Data Centers located in Marj Al Hamam and Hashem, with the aim of connecting more people to high-quality and reliable internet in the region, leveraging Orange Group’s expertise which will enable local and regional operators to conveniently access global IP services from Jordan rather than points such as Europe or the USA.



From his side, Orange Jordan’s Chief Enterprise Officer of the Business Unit, Sami Smeirat affirmed that Orange Jordan is the only operator that provides a Tier III data center at the local level, he also pointed out that receiving this global accreditation among other centers in the region proves  that it is a versatile center, offering  customers the opportunity to design, implement and manage systems, networks and applications. The Data Center has contributed immensely to business advancement and has helped many strategic companies and banks in Jordan achieve stable growth.


Chief ITN & Wholesale Officer at Orange Jordan, Waleed Al Doulat said that obtaining this certificate has resulted in placing Jordan on the global map of Tier III countries, ranking the Kingdom in the 5th  place among Arab countries and in the 83rd  place globally. Orange Jordan is one of 923 companies to receive all-level TIER certificate, due to the multiple features it offers customers and at the highest standard.”



Orange Jordan Data Center - Marj Al Hamam won the prestigious EMEA Panduit Award this year, and was ranked number one in the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region for its unmatched, world-class features.



 Orange Jordan the exclusive telecom sponsor of the French Week



Orange Jordan participated in the French Week for the second consecutive year, which was recently concluded at the Boulevard, in Amman. Held under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Her Excellency Ms. Lina Annab, the French Week was officially inaugurated in the attendance of His Excellencies, David Bertolotti the French Ambassador to Jordan, Mr. Akel Biltaji the President of CAFRAJ and Orange Jordan’s CEO Jérôme Hénique.


Orange Jordan was also the exclusive telecom sponsor of the French Week, which was held from 15-22 October, where diverse activities showcased French culture, sports, education, music, cuisine and lifestyle, through the transformation of the Boulevard - Al Abdali to a French market, with French companies in Jordan offering its expertise and products to Jordanians.


Orange Jordan also sponsored the “French Touch Hip Hop Festival”, which was held for the first time in the Kingdom and organized by the French Institute in Jordan from 18 to 22 October. The festival included hip hop performances by Jordanian and French talent, as well as workshops, competitions and many other entertaining activities for the youth that grabbed their attention.


Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Hénique said: “We at Orange Jordan are proud to sponsor and be part of the French Week in Jordan for the second consecutive year and the “French Touch Hip Hop” Festival, being held for the first time in the Kingdom”.  We would like to thank the French institute of Jordan on this initiative that aims to encourage young talents and strengthen the artistic intellectual exchange between different cultures.


Orange Jordan’s participation came, with its own booth, showcasing technologically advanced gadgets, such as Virtual Reality gears, in addition to competitions and recreational games, through which visitors were awarded many special prizes.

Backed by its corporate strategy Essentials 2020 and a renewed corporate social responsibility plan, Orange Jordan ensures continued sponsorship of events both direct and indirect, activities and initiatives that strengthen local ties and also connects Jordanians to the rest of the world, as well as supporting local youth talent that will contribute to the development of the art and cultural scene.




Press Release

Amman, Jordan, 22 October, 2017


Orange Jordan launches the new marketing “Yo” Platform and introduces the “Jama3ty” lines



Orange Jordan recently launched a new platform targeting the youth called “Yo”, offering them telecommunications and internet services in a more direct and simplified way. Under this new platform, Orange Jordan launched the “Jama3ty” lines, with exclusive features that cater to the youth. The launch of the “Jama3ty” lines was announced during a press conference, headed by Orange Jordan’s CEO Jérôme Hénique and in the attendance of Chief Consumer Market Officer, Naila Al Dawoud, Chief Consumer Sales Officer, Samer Haj, other Orange Executives and numerous key media figures.

During the conference, Orange Jordan’s CEO Jérôme Hénique stressed that the company constantly pays attention to all segments of society, especially the youth, as they seek a desire for development, and  that Orange Jordan will continue to diversify its offers and telecommunication solutions in the local market, in order to solidify its position as the strongest internet and telecommunications provider in the Kingdom. 

Orange Jordan’s CEO Jérôme Hénique, said: “Orange Jordan is really excited to launch the new “Jama3ty” lines “which include a lot of features to  keep the youth connected to all that is essential to them to facilitate their lives, which goes in line  with our five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020”. The launch of “Jama3ty” lines“ comes as a proof that Orange Jordan follows the concept of “Listening and responding” to cater to the needs of the youth and to ensure maximum reach of the lines to the youth across the Kingdom, the lines will be accessible at all of Orange Jordan’s points of sale.Orange Jordan’s Chief Consumer Market Officer, Naila Al Dawoud said that, “Orange Jordan’s new “Jama3ty” lines have been designed to respond to the needs of the youth. The four features that were introduced with this line, are a result of extensive research and shows that Orange carefully listens to and accurately answers the  youth segment’s expectations.”

Orange Jordan’s Chief Consumer Sales Officer, Samer Haj added that “Jama3ty” lines  will be available at all  of Orange Jordan’s points of sale across the Kingdom, covering the northern, central, and southern regions,  smart stores, the e-Shop, in addition to points of sale at universities where Orange Jordan has partnerships, in order to promote the distribution of “Jama3ty” lines to the youth segment and keep them connected to all that is important to them.

The new “Jama3ty” lines offer the youth exceptional and unprecedented features that include unlimited internet that can be used at all times and  however they want, “bundles carryover” allowing them to carry over the unused bundles of minutes, internet and SMS to the next month, as well as listening to millions of songs for free and unlimited music with Anghami Plus, which also enables them to download an unlimited number of songs on their mobile phones while seeing the words, without being interrupted by ads, in addition to the “Phone Fund” feature which offer back the youth the value of the mobile device in the form of gigabytes, this feature is available with “Jama3ty” packages which includes a line, Huawei devices and additional accessories.

Orange Jordan is providing the youth with various offers that fit their lifestyle, through its increasing base of partners, reaching more than 40 partners, such as Careem which is offering a 50% discount on 5 rides, and a 20% discount on all meals from Burger King, and many more.

In order for young people to stay updated on  the  latest offers, they can visit




بيان صحفي

عمان، في 17 تشرين الأول ٢٠١7


بنك سوسيته جنرال- الأردن يشارك في فعاليات الاسبوع الفرنسي في عمان للمرة الثانية


شارك بنك سوسيته جنرال – الأردن (SGBJ) للمرة الثانية في فعاليات الاسبوع الفرنسي في عمان ، الذي أقيم في بوليفارد العبدلي، المعروف بوسط البلد الجديد، وذلك برعاية معالي وزيرة السياحة والاثار السيدة لينا عنّاب، وسعادة السفير الفرنسي في المملكة السيد دايفيد بيرتولوتي بالاضافة لمعالي عقل بلتاجي، رئيس مجلس ادارة شركة العبدلي وكفراج. وضمّت الفعاليات أنشطة عديدة في مختلف المجالات التجارية والاقتصادية والثقافية والتعليمية.


في كلمة له، أكّد السيد نديم قبوات مدير عام ال SGBJ، "على أهميّة العلاقات الفرنسية الاردنية العريقة، والتزام البنك برؤية مجموعة سوسيته جنرال الداعمة والمعزّزة لمبدأ الجمع بين الثقافات".


ومن الجدير ذكره، أنّ الاسبوع  الفرنسي الذي يأتي بتنظيم من غرفة التجارة الفرنسية الاردنية – كافراج، وبالتعاون مع السفارة الفرنسية والمعهد الثقافي الفرنسي،  قام بالتركيز على الشركات الفرنسية العاملة في المملكة وأتاح لها فرصة عرض خبراتها ومنتجاتها على الأردنيين، حيث تنوّعت المجالات والقطاعات المشاركة ومن بينها الاتصالات، السيارات، الطاقة، الاسمنت، الخدمات المصرفية، فنون الطهي الفرنسية، الطائرات، وغيرها. وشارك ممثلين عن البنك والذين كانوا متواجدين في ركن خاص، بهدف تعريف روّاد الاسبوع الفرنسي على منتجات البنك المختلفة.





يشكّل بنك سوسيته جنرال - الأردن (SGBJ) جزء من مجموعة بنك سوسيته جنرال في لبنان (SGBL) التابعة للشبكة الدولية لسوسيته جنرال المنتشرة في 66 بلداً في العالم.  وهو يقدم مجموعة كاملة و متخصصة من الخدمات المصرفية من نوع شامل والخدمات المالية الخاصة بكل أنواع العملاء.

يعمل بنك سوسيته جنرال - الأردن من خلال خطوطه المهنية الثلاث:

§         مصرف التجزئة

§         مصرف المؤسسات

§         إدارة الأموال الخاصة





Orange Jordan honors top Tawjihi students

In recognition of the efforts of all Tawjihi students throughout the academic year and the achievements of top students in receiving the highest scores, Orange Jordan recently honored this year’s top Tawjihi students from all governorates and in all areas of study.


Orange Jordan presented the top Tawjihi student in each of the nine areas of study with a pre-charged Orange 15 line for five years, a prize worth JD 1,180, and a Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro from Samsung Electronics – Middle East. The awards were given to the students during the Yesed Sabahak morning show on Jordan TV.


Orange Jordan also honored the top 13 students from all governorates by giving each of them a prize valued at JD 4,180, including JD 3,000 cash and a pre-charged Orange 15 line for five years, during the Helwa Ya Donya morning show on Roya TV.


Orange Jordan Deputy CEO/CFO Raslan Deiranieh congratulated the top students on their tireless efforts that led to them achieving these outstanding results, saying: “We are happy to reward the Tawjihi students of the current academic year, encouraging them to continue being at the top of their undergraduate studies."


Deiranieh stressed Orange Jordan's desire to continue supporting future generations of gifted Jordanian youth, as they will lead the transition towards further growth and future development, as education is the foundation of development in any society.


Orange Jordan Marketing Director of the Consumer Unit Naela Al Daoud said that by honoring these students, a main objective of the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy, which is inspired by its five-year corporate strategy Essentials 2020, was met. Orange Jordan is committed to upholding various segments of the community, focusing primarily on education and youth, which will lead to creating more skilled and productive Jordanians, and effecting positive differences throughout society.



Orange Jordan continuously aims to develop and implement programs and initiatives that directly benefit various sectors of the community, where education stands at the forefront.

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